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Titulos añadidos a la base de datos de revistas electrónicas en Noviembre del 2017

TituloFechaProveedorAccesoCambio de titulo
AATCC Review2001-Ebsco Academic..
Acta Comeniana2012-Ebsco Academic..
Advance Titan Oshkosh WI2010-Ebsco Academic..
Advances in Regenerative Biology2014-Taylor & FrancisGratis.
Advances in Regenerative Biology2014-2016ProQuest Information and Learning..
Ajatus Yearbook of the Philosophical Society of Finland2013-Ebsco Academic..
Al Mukhatabat2013-Ebsco Academic..
Algemeen Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Wijsbegeerte2014-Ebsco Academic..
Aliso A Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Botany1948- excepto últimos 12 mesesClaremont Colleges LibraryGratis.
Alpha Omega2014-Ebsco Academic..
Alpine Entomology2017-Pensoft PublishersGratisCambio de: Journal of the Swiss Entomological Society
Alpine Entomology2019-ProQuest Information and Learning.Cambio de: Journal of the Swiss Entomological Society
ALT-J Research in Learning Technology1993-2010Taylor & FrancisGratisCambio a: Research in Learning Technology
Amazonian Journal of Plant Research2017-Universidade Federal do ParanáGratis.
Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry Research2014-Iranian Chemical SocietyGratis.
Annals of Kentucky natural history1941-1952BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Annals of the University of Craiova Series Philosophy Analele Universitatii din Craiova Seria Filosofie2013-Ebsco Academic..
Anthropological researches and studies2015-CEEOLGratis.
Anxiety Journal of Philosophy of the University of Uludag KAYGI Uludag Universitesi Felsefe Dergisi2013-Ebsco Academic..
APA Newsletters2010-Ebsco Academic..
Archive of the History of Philosophy & Social Thought Archiwum Historii Filozofii i Mysli Spolecznej2012-2014Ebsco Academic..
Argumentos de Razan Tecnica2013-Ebsco Academic..
Arhe2004-Ebsco Academic..
Ars academica2014-CEEOLGratis.
Athens News2012-Ebsco Academic..
Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy2013-Ebsco Academic..
Balkan Journal of Philosophy2013-Ebsco Academic..
Baltic Times2013-2013Ebsco Academic..
Basic Sciences Journal of Textile Universities Fangzhi Gaoxiao Jichu Kexue Xuebao2013-Ebsco Academic..
Berkeley Studies1977-Ebsco Academic..
Bertrand Russell Society Bulletin2015-Ebsco Academic..
Boise Weekly2009-Ebsco Academic..
Book of Papers National Technical Conference of AATCC1974-1999Ebsco Academic..
Botanical Magazine The London1788-1791Biblioteca digital CSICGratis.
BTRA Scan2005-Ebsco Academic..
Bulletin de la Société d'Études scientifiques d'Angers1871-1919BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratisCambio a: Bulletin de la Société d'études scientifiques de l'Anjou
Bulletin of History of Arts Muv¬szett¦rt¬neti ërtes¡to2017-Ebsco Academic..
Business & Economic Review2009-Institute of Management SciencesGratis.
Business Ethics and Leadership2017-Sumy State UniversityGratis.
Carmina Philosophiae2014-Ebsco Academic..
Chimica Techno Acta2014-Ural Federal UniversityGratis.
China Textile & Apparel2012-Ebsco Academic..
China Textile Leader2009-Ebsco Academic..
Colourage2007-Ebsco Academic..
Cotton International2013-Ebsco Academic..
Cuadernos de Anuario Filosofico Serie Universitaria2011-2013Ebsco Academic..
CVN2010-2010Ebsco Academic..
Daffodil journal The1964-1975BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratisCambio de: Daffodil bulletin
Desi Talk2013-Ebsco Academic..
Diotima Revue de Recherche Philosophique2014-2016Ebsco Academic..
Discipline Filosofiche2012-Ebsco Academic..
Eastern European journal for regional studies EEJRS 2015-CEEOLGratis.
Eastern Eye2014-Ebsco Academic..
Education and applied didactics2017-CEEOLGratis.
Efflatoun's Journal of Entomology2014-2015Ebsco Academic..
Egyptian Journal of Genetics and Cytology2010-Egyptian JournalsGratis.
Egyptian Journal of Genetics and Cytology2008-Egyptian Society of GeneticsGratis.
Egyptian Journal of Genetics and Cytology2017-Ebsco Academic..
Endocrinology Diabetes & Metabolism2018-Wiley Online LibraryGratis.
Endocrinology Diabetes & Metabolism2018-Ovid Technologies, Inc...
Endocrinology Diabetes & Metabolism2018-PubMed CentralGratis.
Endocrinology Diabetes & Metabolism2018-ProQuest Information and Learning..
Environment Space Place2012-2016Ebsco Academic..
Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism2012-Ebsco Academic..
Ethos 0860 80242020-Ebsco Academic..
Etyka1997-Ebsco Academic..
European Journal for Philosophy of Religion2016-Ebsco Academic..
European Journal of Public Order and National Security2017-CEEOLGratis.
European Zoological Journal The2017-Taylor & FrancisGratisCambio de: Italian Journal of Zoology
European Zoological Journal The2017-ProQuest Information and Learning.Cambio de: Italian Journal of Zoology
European Zoological Journal The2017-Ebsco Academic.Cambio de: Italian Journal of Zoology
Evental Aesthetics2013-Ebsco Academic..
Existenz2006-Ebsco Academic..
Fabricare Canada2005-Ebsco Academic..
Filipino Post2010-Ebsco Academic..
Filosofiya Nauki2016-Ebsco Academic..
Financial Markets Institutions and Risks2017-Sumy State UniversityGratis.
FIPH Journal2015-2017Ebsco Academic..
Forensic Science Policy & Management An International Journal2009-2017Taylor & Franciscambio editorial 2018 sin acceso.
Freiburger Rundbrief2001-Ebsco Academic..
Geotechnical engineering journal of the Southeast Asian Geotechnical Society & Association of Geotechnical Societies in Southeast Asia SEAGS-AGSSEA1970-2013Association of Geotechnical Societies in Southeast AsiaGratis.
Geotechnical engineering journal of the Southeast Asian Geotechnical Society & Association of Geotechnical Societies in Southeast Asia SEAGS-AGSSEA2016-Ebsco Academic..
Health Science Reports2018-Wiley Online LibraryGratis.
Health Science Reports2018-PubMed CentralGratis.
Health Science Reports2018-ProQuest Information and Learning..
Hermes Analugica Hermeneutica2013-Ebsco Academic..
Historia Slavorum Occidentis2016-CEEOLGratis.
Hub Hay River NT2011-Ebsco Academic..
Impressions2012-Ebsco Academic..
Impumelelo the interdisciplinary electronic journal of African sports2005-Ohio UniversityGratis.
India West2009-Ebsco Academic..
Indonesia Medicus Veterinus2012-Univ. UdayanaGratis.
Intellectus revista de proprietate intelectuala2001-Republicii MoldovaGratis.
Inter American Journal of Philosophy2012-Ebsco Academic..
International Journal for the Study of Skepticism2013- excepto últimos 36 mesesEbsco Academic..
International Journal of Biobased Plastics2018-Taylor & FrancisGratis.
International Journal of Biobased Plastics2019-Ebsco Academic..
International Journal of Human Rights Education2017-University of San FranciscoGratis.
International Journal of Innovation Studies2017-Elsevier ScienceGratis.
IPPR Progressive Review2017-Wiley Online Library.Cambio de: Juncture
Irregular Transylvanian journal for research in visual arts2016-CEEOLGratis.
Israel Faxx2013-Ebsco Academic..
Jackson Advocate2010-2015Ebsco Academic..
Japan Architectural Review2018-Wiley Online LibraryGratis.
Japan Architectural Review2018-ProQuest Information and Learning..
Japan Labor Issues2017-Japan Institute for Labour Policy and TrainingGratis.
JEC Composites Magazine2013-Ebsco Academic..
JGH Open2017-Wiley Online LibraryGratis.
JGH Open2017-PubMed CentralGratis.
JGH Open2017-ProQuest Information and Learning..
JOR Spine2018-Wiley Online LibraryGratis.
JOR Spine2018-PubMed CentralGratis.
JOR Spine2018-ProQuest Information and Learning..
Journal of Ancient Philosophy2013-Ebsco Academic..
Journal of East West Thought JET2014-Ebsco Academic..
Journal of Environmental Health and Sustainable Development2016-Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical SciencesGratis.
Journal of Formal Axiology Theory & Practice2013-Ebsco Academic..
Journal of Hand Surgery2016- excepto últimos 12 mesesEbsco Academic.Cambio de: Hand Surgery
Journal of Hand Surgery2016-World Scientific Publishing Company.Cambio de: Hand Surgery
Journal of Marine and Aquatic Sciences2015-Univ. UdayanaGratis.
Journal of Phenomenology & Education Rivista di Fenomenologia Pedagogia Formazione2013-Ebsco Academic..
Journal of Philosophy of International Law2013-Ebsco Academic..
Journal of Textile & Apparel Tekstil ve Konfeksiyon2008-Ebsco Academic..
Journal of Textiles & Engineers Tekstil ve Mühendis2011-Ebsco Academic..
Journal of the Tianjin Polytechnic University Tianjin Gongye Daxue Xuebao2013-2019Ebsco Academic..
Journal on Muslim Philanthropy and Civil Society2017-IUPUIGratis.
Jurnal Veteriner2000-Univ. UdayanaGratis.
La Prensa San Diego2008-Ebsco Academic..
Libros Los1969-1976CeDInCIGratis.
Macroeconomic Report on Latin America and the Caribbean2012-UN iLibrary..
Malaysian Journal of Animal Science2011-Malaysian Society of Animal ProductionGratis.
Malaysian management review2010-Malaysian Institute of Management..
Man Made Textiles in India2007-Ebsco Academic..
Martin Fierro1904-1905CeDInCIGratis.
Maryland a journal of natural history1944-BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Meat technology2016-Institute of Meat Hygiene and Technology..
Media Practice and Education2018-Taylor & Francis.Cambio de: Journal of Media Practice
Melliand International2013-2016Ebsco Academic..
Michigan Citizen2011-2014Ebsco Academic..
Montaña La1897-1897CeDInCIGratis.
Nonwovens Industry2009-Ebsco Academic..
Nonwovens Markets2013-2016Ebsco Academic..
Näringsforskning1996-2001Taylor & FrancisGratisCambio a: Scandinavian Journal of Nutrition
Oncology Issues1997-Taylor & Francis..
Ontario Mennonite History2012-Ebsco Academic..
Organon 007865002013-Ebsco Academic..
Our Sunday Visitor2008-Ebsco Academic..
Parana Journal of Science and Education 2015-Programa de Ensino de Ciências e Educação..
Pasado y presente1963-1973CeDInCIGratis.
Patristica et Mediaevalia2012-Ebsco Academic..
Pediatric Investigation2017-Wiley Online LibraryGratis.
Pediatric Investigation2017-ProQuest Information and Learning..
Pediatric Investigation2017-PubMed CentralGratis.
Persona movimiento de liberación femenina1974-1976CeDInCIGratis.
Philo2011-2014Ebsco Academic..
Philosophia E Journal of Philosophy & Culture2014-Ebsco Academic..
Philosophical Review 101589952012-Ebsco Academic..
Philosophical Writings2014-2015Ebsco Academic..
Philosophy & Cosmology2014-Ebsco Academic..
Philosophy & Public Issues Filosofia e Questioni Pubbliche2014-Ebsco Academic..
Philosophy 0861 63022015-Ebsco Academic..
Plant Direct2017-Wiley Online LibraryGratis.
Plant Direct2017-PubMed CentralGratis.
Plant Direct2017-ProQuest Information and Learning..
Polish biographical studies2013-CEEOLGratis.
Polymer News2004-2005Ebsco Academic..
Prague Post2012-Ebsco Academic..
Prilozi za Istrazivanje Hrvatske Filozofske Bastine2012-Ebsco Academic..
Proceedings of the African Futures Conference2016-Wiley Online LibraryGratis.
Proceedings of the Annual International Conference & Exhibition of AATCC2000-Ebsco Academic..
Proces-verbaux de la Société linnéenne de Bordeaux1917-1936BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Psychiatry and Clinical Psychopharmacology2016-Taylor & FrancisGratisCambio de: Klinik Psikofarmakoloji Bülteni-Bulletin of Clinical Psychopharmacology
Psychiatry and Clinical Psychopharmacology2017-ProQuest Information and Learning.Cambio de: Klinik Psikofarmakoloji Bülteni-Bulletin of Clinical Psychopharmacology
Revista de Filosofia 018534812016-Ebsco Academic..
Revista de Filosofie2015-Ebsco Academic..
Revista Latinoamericana de Filosofia2012-Ebsco Academic..
Revista Mexicana de Estomatología2014-Rogelio Sepúlveda InfanteGratis.
Revue de Philosophie Ancienne2014-Ebsco Academic..
Roads and Bridges2002-Road and Bridge Research InstituteGratis.
Roads and Bridges2014-Ebsco Academic..
Roczniki Panstwowego Zakladu Higieny1995-National Institute of Public Health - National Institute of HygieneGratis.
Romanian journal of sociological studies2009-CEEOLGratis.
Routes revue trimestrielle sur les réalisations routières1997-CIMBETONGratis.
Santa Fe New Mexican2007-2007Ebsco Academic..
Santa Fe Reporter2012-Ebsco Academic..
Schole Ancient Philosophy & the Classical Tradition2013-Ebsco Academic..
Schutzian Research2009-Ebsco Academic..
Scientia moralitas2016-CEEOLGratis.
Sententiae2014-2018Ebsco Academic..
Slovak Spectator2000-Ebsco Academic..
Sociedade Brasileira de Zoologia2006-Sociedade Brasileira de Zoologia.Cambio de: Boletim Informativo Sociedade Brasileira de Zoologia
Sofia Philosophical Review2011-Ebsco Academic..
Soochow Journal of Philosophical Studies2014-Ebsco Academic..
South Asian Post2010-Ebsco Academic..
South Pacific Journal of Philosophy & Culture2013-Ebsco Academic..
Southern Textile News2005-2009Ebsco Academic..
State Journal WV2011-Ebsco Academic..
Stitch World2016-2016Ebsco Academic..
Stitches Magazine2008-2015Ebsco Academic..
Studia Philosophica 1803 74452014-Ebsco Academic..
Studies on the History of Romanian Philosophy Studii de Istorie a Filosofiei Romanesti2006-2017Ebsco Academic..
Sztuka i Filozofia Art & Philosophy2006-Ebsco Academic..
Technical Textiles Technische Textilen2013-2016Ebsco Academic..
Tekstilec2006-Ebsco Academic..
Tennessee Tribune2010-Ebsco Academic..
Teoria2015-Ebsco Academic..
Textile Chemist & Colorist1969-1999Ebsco Academic..
Textile Chemist & Colorist & American Dyestuff Reporter1999-2000Ebsco Academic..
Textile Magazine2011-Ebsco Academic..
Textile Topics2007-2008Ebsco Academic..
Tijdschrift voor Filosofie2013-Ebsco Academic..
Transactions on Environment and Electrical Engineering2015-EEEIC International PublishingGratis.
United States Cotton Quality Reports2013-Ebsco Academic..
Verifiche2012-Ebsco Academic..
Washington Informer2010-Ebsco Academic..
Wiener Jahrbuch fuer Philosophie2014-Ebsco Academic..
Wool Textile Journal2013-Ebsco Academic..
World Footwear2013-Ebsco Academic..
World Leather2013-Ebsco Academic..
WSA Performance & Sports Materials2013-Ebsco Academic..
Xavier Zubiri Review1998-Ebsco Academic..
Zoon politikon2016-CEEOLGratis.