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Titulos añadidos a la base de datos de revistas electrónicas en Febrero del 2017

TituloFechaProveedorAccesoCambio de titulo
Advanced Biosystems2017-Wiley Online Library..
Advanced Electronic Materials2015-Wiley Online Library..
Advanced Optical Materials2013-Wiley Online Library..
Advanced Sustainable Systems2017-Wiley Online Library..
AEM Education and Training2017-Wiley Online Library..
Anais de Historia de Alem Mar2010-Ebsco Academic..
Analysis International mathematical journal of analysis and its applications1995-de Gruyter..
Arabian Business2004-2004Ebsco Academic..
Archiv für Reformationsgeschichte1995-de Gruyter..
Archiv für Reformationsgeschichte Literaturberichte1995-de Gruyter..
Archivalische Zeitschrift1996-de Gruyter..
Artichoke 1442 09532009-Ebsco Academic..
at - Automatisierungstechnik1995-de Gruyter..
Banking & Finance Report2009-Ebsco Academic..
Biological Resources & Nature Management2014-Ebsco Academic..
Biomedical Dermatology2017-BioMed CentralGratis.
BJS OPEN2017-Wiley Online LibraryGratis.
Bulletin of the Association for Information Science and Technology2014-Wiley Online LibraryGratisCambio de: Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology
Business Journal Central New York1995-1998Ebsco Academic..
Business Law Report2009-Ebsco Academic..
Business New Hampshire Magazine1993-Ebsco Academic..
Business News New Jersey1995-2002Ebsco Academic..
Business North Carolina2000-Ebsco Academic..
Business Press1995-1999Ebsco Academic..
Business Press Serving Southern Nevada2005-Ebsco Academic..
BusinessWest1993-Ebsco Academic..
Central New Jersey Business1995-1995Ebsco Academic..
ChemPhotoChem2017-Wiley Online Library..
Chinese journal of geophysics2000-2017Wiley Online Librarycesó publicación.
Chinese Semiotic Studies2009-de Gruyter..
Cognitive Research Principles and Implications2016-SpringerOpenGratis.
Cognitive Semiotics2007-de Gruyter..
Colorado Business Magazine1993-1998Ebsco Academic..
ColoradoBiz1999-Ebsco Academic..
Complex & Intelligent Systems2015-SpringerOpenGratis.
CongressDaily2000-2010Ebsco Academic..
Constitutional Studies2016-Project MuseGratis.
Contacto Cient¡fico Cl¡nica Alemana2014-Ebsco Academic..
Corporate Detroit1996-1998Ebsco Academic..
Crain's Chicago Business1996- excepto últimos3 diasEbsco Academic..
Crain's Cleveland Business1996-Ebsco Academic..
Crain's Small Business Chicago Edition1996-1997Ebsco Academic..
Crain's Small Business New York Westchester1996-1996Ebsco Academic..
Crain's Small Business Southeast Michigan Edition1996-1997Ebsco Academic..
Deutsches Dante-Jahrbuch1995-de Gruyter..
DigiWorld Economic Journal2015-Ebsco Academic..
Diplomatic Panorama2009-Ebsco Academic..
EFSA Supporting Publications2004-Wiley Online LibraryGratis.
Energy Harvesting and Systems2014-de Gruyter..
Environnement Risques & Sante2016-Ebsco Academic..
ESSE Messenger2016-Ebsco Academic..
European Journal of Applied Linguistics2013-de Gruyter..
European Journal of Hybrid Imaging2017-SpringerOpenGratis.
European Policy Analysis2015-Wiley Online Library..
European Policy Analysis2015-Policy Studies OrganizationGratis.
European Radiology Experimental2017-SpringerOpenGratis.
Evangelische Theologie1995-de Gruyter..
Evolution Letters2017-Wiley Online LibraryGratis.
Fairfield County Business Journal1995-Ebsco Academic..
Figurationen Gender – Literatur – Kultur1999-de Gruyter..
Food Quality and Safety2010-Wiley Online Library..
Fort Worth Business Press1999-Ebsco Academic..
Global Chinese2015-de Gruyter..
Glottotheory International Journal of Theoretical Linguistics2008-de Gruyter..
Grand Rapids Business Journal1995-Ebsco Academic..
Gulf Industry1995-Ebsco Academic..
Hawaii Business1994-2005Ebsco Academic..
Hegel Jahrbuch2013- excepto últimos 6 mesesEbsco Academic..
Hegel Jahrbuch1999-de Gruyter..
Hepatology Communications2017-Wiley Online LibraryGratis.
Hepatology Communications2017-PubMed CentralGratis.
Hudson Valley Business Journal1995-2014Ebsco Academic..
i-com Journal of Interactive Media2001-de Gruyter..
INCOSE International Symposium International Council on Systems Engineering1996-Wiley Online Library..
Indiana Business Magazine1993-2009Ebsco Academic..
Indianapolis Business Journal2008-Ebsco Academic..
Inside Tucson Business1995-Ebsco Academic..
Internationales Jahrbuch für Medienphilosophie2015-de Gruyter..
it - Information Technology1995-de Gruyter..
Jahrbuch für Antike und Christentum2013-Ebsco Academic..
JBMR Plus2017-Wiley Online LibraryGratis.
Journal of Business 107561242008-Ebsco Academic..
Journal of Causal Inference2013-de Gruyter..
Journal of Early Modern Christianity2014-de Gruyter..
Journal of Forensic Accounting Research2016-Ebsco Academic..
Journal of Historical Sociolinguistics2015-de Gruyter..
Journal of Labor and Society2017-Wiley Online Library.Cambio de: WorkingUSA
Journal of Medical and Biological Science Research2015-PEARL Research JournalsGratis.
Journal of Nano Education2011-Ingenta plc..
Journal of Patient-Reported Outcome2017-SpringerOpenGratis.
Journal of Risk & Financial Management2016-Ebsco Academic..
Journal of the Federated Institutes of Brewing1895-1903Wiley Online LibraryGratisCambio a: Journal of the Institute of Brewing
Keizai Kenkyu2016- excepto últimos 24 mesesEbsco Academic..
KIIT Journal of Library & Information Management2016-Ebsco Academic..
Korean Journal of Obesity 2383 899X2015-Ebsco Academic..
Lebensmittelchemie2010-Wiley Online Library..
Microscopy& Analysis2001-Wiley Online Library..
Moral Philosophy and Politics2014-de Gruyter..
Movement Disorders Clinical Practice2014-Wiley Online Library..
New Hampshire Business Review1995-Ebsco Academic..
New Orleans CityBusiness 1994 to 20081996-2008Ebsco Academic..
Nineteenth Century2016- excepto últimos 6 mesesEbsco Academic..
njbiz2002-Ebsco Academic..
Northern New Jersey Business1995-1995Ebsco Academic..
Oil & Gas News1995-1995Ebsco Academic..
Orange County Business Journal1996-Ebsco Academic..
Petroleum Report2009-Ebsco Academic..
PJM Palestine Journal of Mathematics2012-Palestine Polytechnic UniversityGratis.
Precision Radiation Oncology2017-Wiley Online LibraryGratis.
Proceedings of the Association for Information Science and Technology2015-Wiley Online LibraryGratisCambio de: Proceedings of the American Society for Information Science and Technology
PsyCh Journal2012-Wiley Online Library..
Research and Practice in Thrombosis and Haemostasis2017-Wiley Online LibraryGratis.
Rheumatologist The2007-Wiley Online Library..
RSF Rivista di Studi di Fotografia2015-Ebsco Academic..
Sarasota Magazine1993-Ebsco Academic..
Small Methods2017-Wiley Online Library..
Sociological Review1997-2016Wiley Online Library..
Sociological Review1999-Sage Journals..
Sociologie de l' Art2011-Ebsco Academic..
Solar RR2017-Wiley Online Library..
South Carolina Business1994-2015Ebsco Academic..
South Carolina Business Journal1994-2006Ebsco Academic..
Spectroscopy Europe2015-Wiley Online Library..
Stochastics and Quality Control2001-de Gruyter..
Telecomworldwire M21990-2009Ebsco Academic..
To Improve the Academy2014-2017Wiley Online Library..
Translational Animal Science2017-Oxford AcademicGratis.
Translational Animal Science2016-2017American Society of Animal ScienceGratis.
Trends in Tropical Medicine2017-USP Portal del RevistasGratisCambio de: Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo
Utah Business2012-Ebsco Academic..
Wenatchee Business Journal1995-2001Ebsco Academic..
Westchester County Business Journal1995-Ebsco Academic..
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews Cognitive Science2010-Wiley Online Library..
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews Computational Statistics2009-Wiley Online Library..
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology2009-Wiley Online Library..
Zeitschrift für Ostmitteleuropa Forschung2013-Ebsco Academic..