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Titulos añadidos a la base de datos de revistas electrónicas en Febrero del 2015

TituloFechaProveedorAccesoCambio de titulo
AADE in Practice2013-Sage Journals..
Academic Radiology2007-Clinical Key..
Acta Clinica Belgica2009-Gale..
Acta Clinica Belgica2001-Taylor & Francis..
Actas dermosifiliograficas2008-Clinical Key..
Acute Medicine & Surgery2014-Wiley Online LibraryGratis.
Addictive Behaviors Reports2015-Elsevier ScienceGratis.
Advanced Device Materials2015-Taylor & FrancisGratis.
Advanced Manufacturing Polymer & Composites Science2015-Taylor & FrancisGratis.
Advanced Materials Interfaces2014-2015Wiley Online LibraryGratis.
Advanced Science2014-Wiley Online LibraryGratis.
Advanced Science2014-PubMed CentralGratis.
Advances in Anesthesia2005-Elsevier Science..
Advances in Anesthesia2007-Clinical Key..
Advances in Chronic Kidney Disease2007-Clinical Key..
Advances in Eating Disorders Theory Research and Practice2013-Taylor & Francis..
Advances in Pediatrics2005-Elsevier Science..
Advances in Pediatrics2007-Clinical Key..
Advances in School Mental Health Promotion2008-Taylor & Francissin acceso.
Advances in Surgery2005-Elsevier Science..
Advances in Surgery2007-Clinical Key..
Africa Insight1971-1997SabinetGratis.
African and Black Diaspora An International Journal2008-Taylor & Francis..
African Journalism Studies2015-Taylor & Francis.Cambio de: Ecquid Novi: African Journalism Studies
African Security2008-Taylor & Francis..
Agri-news1975-2003BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
AICCM Bulletin2007-2014Gale..
AICCM Bulletin1997-Taylor & Francis..
AJOB Empirical Bioethics2014-Taylor & Francis.Cambio de: AJOB Primary Research
AJOB Neuroscience2010-Taylor & Francis..
AJOB Primary Research2010-2013Taylor & Francis.Cambio a: AJOB Empirical Bioethics
Alternate Routes1977-Athabasca University..
American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry2007-Clinical Key..
Anales de Pediatría Continuada2008-Clinical Key..
Andrew Garrett's Fische der Südsee /1876-1910BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology2007-Clinical Key..
Annual report of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds1911-1920BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Anthropology Southern Africa2004-Taylor & Francis..
Archaeological Journal1997-Taylor & Francis..
Arthroscopy: The Journal of Arthroscopic and Related Surgery2007-Clinical Key..
Asia Pacific Translation and Intercultural Studies2014-Taylor & Francissin acceso.
Asian & Pacific Migration Journal2000-Sage Journals..
Asian Journal of Legal Education2014-Sage Journals..
AT&T Bell Laboratories Technical Journal1984IEEExplore.Cambio de: Bell System Technical Journal, TheCambio a: AT&T Technical Journal
AT&T Technical Journal1985-1996IEEExplore.Cambio a: Bell Labs Technical Journal
AT&T Technical Journal1996-1996ProQuest Information and Learning.Cambio a: Bell Labs Technical Journal
Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art1998-Taylor & Francis..
Australian Journal of Peace Studies2006-2009PandoraGratis.
Auto Biography Studies1997-Taylor & Francis..
Baptist Quarterly2001-Taylor & Francis..
Berichte der Bayerischen Botanischen Gesellschaft zur Erforschung der heimischen Flora1891BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Bibliographia zoologica1896-1921BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering2011-Elsevier Science..
Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering2011-Clinical Key..
Boletín de la Sociedad Aragonesa de Ciencias Naturales1902-1918BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Boletín de la Sociedad Ibérica de Ciencias Naturales1919-1922BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Brachytherapy2007-Clinical Key..
Brazilian Journal of Biological Sciences2014-Rede Brasileira de Informações BiológicasGratis.
Brebissonia, revue mensuelle illustrée de botanique cryptogamique et d'anatomie végétale1878-1881BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Brontë Society Transactions1997-2001Taylor & Francis.Cambio a: Brontë Studies
Brotéria. Série botanica.1907-1922BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Bulletin de la Société Botanique de France Actualités Botaniques1978-1992Taylor & Francis.Cambio de: Bulletin de la Société Botanique de FranceCambio a: Acta Botanica Gallica: Botany Letters
bulletin of the College of Agriculture, Tokyo Imperial University1894-1902BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Bulletin of the Council for British Research in the Levant2006-Taylor & Francis..
California Archaeology2009-Taylor & Francis..
Canadian forest industries1880-1983BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly1997-Taylor & Francis..
Canadian Social Studies2000-University of TorontoGratis.
Catalysis Structure & Reactivity2015-Taylor & FrancisGratis.
ChemElectroChem2014-Wiley Online LibraryGratis.
Childhood in the Past2009-Taylor & Francis..
CHINOPERL Journal of Chinese Oral and Performing Literature1997-Taylor & Francis..
Clinical Rheumatology and Related Research2006-J-STAGE, Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator, ElectronicGratis.
Columbia Journal of Law & Social Problems2008-Columbia UniversityGratis.
Comparative Civilizations Review1979-International Society for the Comparative Study of CivilizationsGratis.
Contemporary Review of the Middle East2014-Sage Journals..
Crossings Journal of Migration & Culture2001-Intellect Ltd.Gratis.
Cultic Studies Review2002-2010American Family Foundation - AFFGratis.
Danmarks geologiske undersøgelse. 1. raekke.1916-1916BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Dementia & Neuropsychologia2014-SciELO (Brasil)Gratis.
Dementia & Neuropsychologia2007-Red ALyCGratis.
Depositional Record The2015-Wiley Online LibraryGratis.
Designs for Learning2016-Stockholm University PressGratis.
Deutsche Garten-Zeitung1886-1886BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Dil ve Edebiyat Egitimi Dergisi2013-Gale..
Discourse of Sociological Practice1998-2007Discourse of Sociological PracticeGratis.
Diversity & Equality in Health & Care2012-Radcliffe Publishing..
Diversity in Health & Care2005-2011Radcliffe PublishingGratis.
Diversity in Health & Social Care2005-Radcliffe PublishingGratis.
Economic Anthropology2014-Wiley Online LibraryGratis.
Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics2007-Taylor & FrancisGratis.
ESC Heart Failure2014-Wiley Online LibraryGratis.
European Journal of Social Education2003-Formation d'Educateurs Sociaux Europeens..
European Politics and Society2014-Taylor & Francis.Cambio de: Perspectives on European Politics and Society
European Politics and Society2015- excepto últimos 18 mesesEbsco Academic.Cambio de: Perspectives on European Politics and Society
Field naturalist1833-1834BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Fiskeri-beretning1911-1912BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
floral magazine; comprising figures and descriptions of popular garden flowers1872-1881BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Florist and pomologist1862-1863BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Forestry research progress1974-1975BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Geo Geography and Environment2014-Wiley Online LibraryGratis.
Glimpse The Art & Science of Seeing2011-Ebsco Academic..
Golden Gate Park master plan : [newsletter]1992-1999BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Great Plains Sociologist1998-Great Plains Sociological AssociationGratis.
Gynecologic Oncology Reports2014-Elsevier ScienceGratis.
Gynecologic Oncology Reports2014-Clinical Key..
Gynecologic Oncology Reports2014-PubMed CentralGratis.
Healthcare Management Forum2002-Sage Journals..
Heart Rhythm2007-Clinical Key..
Historia animalium /1992-1997BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Home Healthcare Now2015-Ovid Technologies, Inc..Cambio de: Home Healthcare Nurse
Horticulture Journal2015-PubhortGratisCambio de: Journal of the Japanese Society for Horticultural Science
Horticulture Journal2014-J-STAGE, Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator, ElectronicGratisCambio de: Journal of the Japanese Society for Horticultural Science
Immunology1958- excepto últimos 12 mesesEbsco Academic..
Immunology1958- excepto últimos 12 mesesPubMed CentralGratis.
Ingeniería Industrial2008-Red ALyCGratis.
InPharma1986Ovid Technologies, Inc..Cambio a: Inpharma Weekly
Inside the Cell2015-Wiley Online LibraryGratis.
Insight on Africa2009-Sage Journals..
International Journal of Structural Changes in Solids2009-2013Texas A & M UniversityGratis.
International Psychiatry2003-2014Highwire Press, Stanford UniversityGratisCambio a: BJPsych International
Interventional Cardiology Clinics2012-Clinical Key..
Interventional Neuroradiology2008-2015Ebsco Academic..
Jadavpur Journal of International Relations1995-Sage Journals..
Jahrbuch der Königlich Preussischen Geologischen Landesanstalt und Bergakademie zu Berlin für das Jahr ..1880-1910BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Jahrbuch der St. Gallischen Naturwissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft für das Vereinsjahr ..1899-1918BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Japanese Political Economy The2014-Taylor & Francis.Cambio de: Japanese Economy
Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico1917-University of Puerto RicoGratis.
Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery2007-Clinical Key..
Journal of Clinical Densitometry2007-Clinical Key..
Journal of Contemporary Anthropology2010-Purdue University Press..
Journal of Counselor Preparation & Supervision2009-North Atlantic Regional Association for Counselor Education and SupervisionGratis.
Journal of Dermatologic Surgery and Oncology1975-1994Ovid Technologies, Inc..Cambio de: Journal of dermatologic surgery
Cambio a: Dermatologic surgery
Journal of Evidence-Informed Social Work2015-Taylor & Francis.Cambio de: Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work
Journal of Hand Surgery2007-Clinical Key..
Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation2007-Clinical Key..
Journal of Japanese Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition2015-J-STAGE, Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator, ElectronicGratisCambio de: Jomyaku Keicho Eiyo
Journal of Media Ethics Exploring Questions of Media Morality2015-Taylor & Francis.Cambio de: Journal of Mass Media Ethics
Journal of Media Ethics Exploring Questions of Media Morality2015- excepto últimos 18 mesesEbsco Academic.Cambio de: Journal of Mass Media Ethics
Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences2008-Clinical Key..
Journal of mental science1857-1962Highwire Press, Stanford University.Cambio a: British journal of psychiatry
Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology, The2007-Clinical Key..
Journal of Pathology Clinical Research2015-PubMed CentralGratis.
Journal of Pathology Clinical Research2015-Wiley Online LibraryGratis.
Journal of Pediatric Surgical Nursing2014-Ovid Technologies, Inc...
Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Research2005-Wiley Online Library..
Journal of Pharmacy Teaching1990-2008CLOCKSSGratis.
Journal of Physician Assistant Education2009-Ovid Technologies, Inc..Cambio de: Perspective on physician assistant education
Journal of Renal Nutrition2007-Clinical Key..
Journal of Social Development in Africa1986-2003Michigan State UniversityGratis.
Journal of Social Policy Studies2003-Russian Society of SociologyGratis.
Journal of the American College of Radiology2007-Clinical Key..
Journal of the American Medical Directors Association2007-Clinical Key..
Journal of the Intensive Care Society2003-Sage Journals..
Journal of Trainology2012-J-STAGE, Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator, ElectronicGratis.
Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology2007-Clinical Key..
Lancet Respiratory Medicine, The2013-Clinical Key..
Limnology and Oceanography Fluids and Environments2011-Wiley Online LibraryGratis.
London Business School Review2015- excepto últimos 12 mesesEbsco Academic.Cambio de: Business School Review
London Business School Review2015-Wiley Online Library.Cambio de: Business School Review
Magazin des Thierreichs1793-1795BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Medical Dosimetry2007-Clinical Key..
Meeting agenda /2003-2003BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Mémoires de la Société géologique de France1833-1912BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Memórias do Instituto de Butantan1918-1966BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Memórias do Instituto de Butantan1918-1919BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Memorie della Reale accademia delle scienze di Torino1818-1915BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Michigan Journal of Race & Law2010-University of MichiganGratis.
Mitteilungen des Vereins für Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften in Ulm a.D.1888-1888BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Museum Senckenbergianum : Abhandlungen aus dem Gebiete der beschreibenden Naturgeschichte /1833-1845BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Neurochirurgie2007-Clinical Key..
Neurology Report1992-2003Ovid Technologies, Inc.no accessCambio a: Journal of neurologic physical therapy
New Directions for Mental Health Services1996-2001Wiley Online Library.Cambio a: New Directions for Youth Development
Novorum actorum Academiae Caesareae Leopoldino-Carolinae Naturae Curiosorum1843-1954BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Nutrition and Medicine2013-Würzburg University Press,Gratis.
Obesity Science & Practice2015-Wiley Online LibraryGratis.
Omega Journal of Death & Dying1999-Sage Journals..
Open Andrology Journal2009-2013Bentham openGratis.
Open Cell Development & Biology Journal2008-2011Bentham openGratis.
Open Cell Signaling Journal2009-2012Bentham openGratis.
Open Ceramic Science Journal2010-2012Bentham openGratis.
Open Demography Journal2008-2013Bentham openGratis.
Open Drug Resistance Journal2011-2011Bentham openGratis.
Open Drug Safety Journal2010-2013Bentham openGratis.
Open Fuel Cells Journal2008-2013Bentham openGratis.
Open Hepatology Journal2009-2011Bentham openGratis.
Open Management Journal2008-2013Bentham openGratis.
Open Nuclear & Particle Physics Journal2008-2013Bentham openGratis.
Open Occupational Health & Safety Journal2009-2014Bentham openGratis.
Open Process Chemistry Journal2008-2014Bentham openGratis.
Open Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery2008-2010Bentham openGratis.
Open Superconductors Journal2009-2013Bentham openGratis.
Open Systems Biology Journal2008-2012Bentham openGratis.
Open Translational Medicine Journal2009-2011Bentham openGratis.
Open Virtual Reality Journal2009-2011Bentham openGratis.
Ophthalmology2007-Clinical Key..
Orchid world. A monthly illustrated journal entirely devoted to orchidology1910-1916BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Osteopathic Family Physician2009-2013Clinical Key..
Pakistan Vision2008-University of the PunjabGratis.
Pakistan Vision2009-Gale..
Papers in Palaeontology2015-Wiley Online Library..
Perspectives on Urban Education2002-University of PennsylvaniaGratis.
PLAT2013-Ebsco Academic..
Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences2014-Sage Journals..
Publicaciones del Departamento de Zoología Universidad de Barcelona1976-1988BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Publications in botany1969-1982BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Quarterly Journal of Economic Growth & Development Research2014-Ebsco Academic..
Quarterly journal of experimental physiology1981-1989Wiley Online LibraryGratisCambio de: Quarterly journal of experimental physiology and cognate medical sciencesCambio a: Experimental physiology
Quarterly journal of experimental physiology1908-1938Wiley Online LibraryGratisCambio a: Quarterly journal of experimental physiology and cognate medical sciences
Quarterly journal of experimental physiology and cognate medical sciences 1938-1980Wiley Online LibraryGratisCambio de: Quarterly journal of experimental physiologyCambio a: Quarterly journal of experimental physiology
Regional Anesthesia1976-1997Ovid Technologies, Inc..Cambio a: Regional anesthesia and pain medicine
Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation2015-Wiley Online LibraryGratis.
Report of the State Botanist New York State1898-1898BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Report to the Congress on ocean pollution, overfishing, and offshore development1973-1977BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Review of Disability Studies An International Journal2004-Center on Disability StudiesGratis.
Revista Brasileira de Gestão Ambiental e Sustentabilidade2014-Ecogestão BrasilGratis.
Revista Española de Sociología2001-Federación Española de SociologíaGratis.
Revista Internacional de Investigación e Innovación Tecnológica “RIIIT”2013-Centro Kappa de Conocimiento, S.C.Gratis.
Revue d'histoire des doctrines économiques et sociales1908-1912JSTOR..
Revue d'histoire des sciences et de leurs applications1947-1970JSTOR.Cambio a: Revue d'histoire des sciences
Science and Technology for the Built Environment2015-Taylor & Francis.Cambio de: HVAC&R Research
Science and Technology for the Built Environment2015- excepto últimos 18 mesesEbsco Academic.Cambio de: HVAC&R Research
Science and Technology for the Built Environment1998-2010ProQuest Information and Learning.Cambio de: HVAC&R Research
Sea grant annual report1975-1977BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Social Biology1997-2007Taylor & Francis.Cambio a: Biodemography and Social Biology
Social Process in Hawaii1936-2007University of Hawaii PressGratis.
Sociology of Race and Ethnicity2015-Sage Journals..
Sonography2014-Wiley Online LibraryGratis.
South Asian Journal of Human Resources Management2014-Sage Journals..
Soviet Anthropology and Archeology1962-1992Ebsco EJSsin accesoCambio a: Anthropology & Archeology of Eurasia
Stained Glass Quarterly1986-1990Ebsco Academic..
Studies in Microeconomics2013-Sage Journals..
Studies in People's History2014-Sage Journals..
Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases2007-Clinical Key..
Swiss Journal of Sociology1975--Seismo PressGratis
Temporalmente sin acceso
Taiwanese Sociology2001-Academia SinicaGratisCambio de: Taiwanese Sociological Review
Technology in Cancer Research & Treatment2002-Sage Journals..
Tecnología y Ciencias del Agua2010-Instituto Mexicano de Tecnologi­a del AguaGratisCambio de: Ingeniería hidráulica en México
Tecnología y Ciencias del Agua2010-SciELO (Mexico)GratisCambio de: Ingeniería hidráulica en México
Tecnología y Ciencias del Agua2010-Red ALyCGratisCambio de: Ingeniería hidráulica en México
Thoracic Surgery Clinics2007-Clinical Key..
Traditional & Kampo Medicine2014-Wiley Online Library..
Urology Practice2014-Clinical Key..
Valley Naturalist, The1878-1878BioDiversity Heritage LibraryGratis.
Virginia Social Science Journal2010-Virginia Social Science Association..
Wisconsin Journal of Law Gender & Society2006-University of Wisconsin Law SchoolGratis.
Working Mother1995-Gale..
Yearbook of International Environmental Law1995-Oxford Academic..
Yearbook of International Environmental Law1996- excepto últimos 12 mesesProQuest Information and Learning..